NOAA has had a presence on Lake Union since 1916. In 1963 the facility now known as US Homeport was built and NOAA made it home. In 2006, a fire swept through the facility, which destroyed both piers and two warehouses.

In 2011, NOAA moved to Newport, Oregon and the property was put up for sale. United States Seafoods purchased the property in 2012. They quickly went to work in refurbishing the facility. US Seafoods made a heavy investment to rebuild 3,200 linear feet of moorage, installed a new fire suppression safety system, upgraded the electrical power on the piers.

In 2015, US Seafoods moved into the Homeport facility. Though US Homeport was originally purchased to provide a home base for the United States Seafood’s fleet. United States Seafoods discovered they could provide a valuable service to the rest of the maritime community, by offering moorage, maintenance and repair services.

US Seafoods has continued to install more services and upgrade the property. Overtime, US Seafoods has made the facility into a premier moorage and repair center.