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fabrication Shop

US Homeport has a dedicated fabrication shop that can facilitate all manners of cutting, welding, forming and machining of metal for any merchant vessel. Our fabrication shop has a 20,000 pound bridge crane and CNC Plasma burning table for custom parts fabrication.


Hydraulics shop

US Homeport provides a full service and mobile hydraulic facility. Our team of hydraulic experts can design, fabricate and install custom hydraulic systems for your vessel. Systems such as those for cranes, capstans, winches and propulsion systems.

Our team can also provide testing and troubleshooting of your existing hydraulic system. Upon diagnosing the issue, they can provide the necessary repairs to get your vessel back into service.

In addition to providing these services, we have the following equipment: Machine lathe, milling machine, portable line boring machine, mobile oil polishing system and hydraulic systems.


Rental Equipment

For the convenience of our customers, we provide various equipment for use in support of their vessel maintenance needs. A few examples of the rental equipment we can provide are:

5,000 # Capacity
11,000 # Capacity
23,000# Capacity


15 Ton Boom Truck
28 Ton Mobile Crane
75 Ton Grove Crane